Blow Molding

Built Specifically for Custom Blow Molders

As a custom blow molder, you demand more from your equipment. At amsler, we deliver machines that are simple to run and maintain with fewer moving parts. Our quick changeovers are a must have. amsler machines range from 1 to 4 cavities with outputs of 1500 to 6000 bottles per hour. Consistent, quality output is built into everything we make.

In addition to providing top quality equipment, we will partner with you to help develop and test your package. amsler is the only North American manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molders.


Eneregy efficiency
  • Servo electric movements to save energy
  • Closely spaced preforms saves energy
  • Less air consumption saves energy

  • Easy to maintain
  • Machines require 75% less maintenance than hydraulic machines
  • Output speeds of up to 6000 bottles per hour
  • Proven efficiencies and repeatability
  • Use Blow Molds from other brands including Sidel and MAG
Please review the chart below

L = Fully Automatic
C = Convertible – Number of cavities used can change.
Output per hour is based on 500 ml water subject to bottle and perform design.

Pet stretch blow molders

Universal narrow-neck for bottles up to 5 Liter with necks up to 70mm
SeriesCavitiesHourly OutputMax Neck FinishMax Bottle Size
L121170063mm (70mm Optional)2 Liter
L151150063mm (70mm Optional)5 Liter
L22X2320063mm (70mm Optional)2 Liter
L252340063mm (70mm Optional)5 Liter
L32C34800 (500ml)63mm2 Liter
 23000 (500ml) 3 Liter
 11100 (5 Liter) 5 Liter
L407C45800 (500ml)38mm750ml
 22500 (2 Liter) 2 Liter
L42C45500(500ml)48mm2 Liter
 22000 (5 Liter) 5 Liter
Wide-Mouth Jars up to 5 liters in size with necks up to 120mm
SeriesCavitiesHourly OutputMax Neck FinishMax Bottle Size
L15 JAR11500120mm5 Liter
L25 JAR23000120mm5 Liter
Large Format Containers – From 10 to 20 Liters
SeriesCavitiesHourly OutputMax Neck FinishMax Bottle Size
L11011500 (10 Liter)70mm10 Liter
LM120120070mm20 Liter
L21522200 (15 Liter)70mm15 Liter