Leak Testers

Leak Testers Are Key to Quality Control

The amsler Leak Tester checks bottle sizes from 10ml up to 23 liters. Key to a smooth production run is the ability to detect wall thickness, find pinhole leaks, choked necks on extrusion-blown bottles, short-shot necks, or batch counting for top-load testing.

When blow molders need to inspect up to 18,000 bottles per hour they count on amsler for our versatile and mobile machines. Built to adapt to your production facility our leak testers quickly fit right in.

Ask us about our free bottle test review service. Custom solutions can be designed to suit your specific application and plant layout needs. amsler is the only North American manufacturer of all-electric linear PET stretch blow molders.


  • High speed detection of holes as small as 0.006 inches
  • Simultaneously check for obstructions in bottle neck
  • No digital imaging required
  • Checks containers for variations in wall thickness if so equipped
  • Batch counting
  • Fallen bottle detection
  • Custom applications for cans and larger size containers
Single head, flying head, multi-head and lab testing units are available
  • Test up to 18,000 bottles per hour
  • Lab units are available for off-line testing
Standard conveyor is 6.5 feet long
  • Flying head units can be mounted over an existing conveyor line
  • Extended conveyor lengths and widths are available for custom applications
  • Locking caster wheels, dual guide-rails and powder-coated frame are standard
Color touch screen operator interface
  • Recipe storage
  • Password protection
  • Simple mechanical setup
  • Automated self-test feature
  • Easy to use Icon based menu system
  • Self-teaching feature of the testing parameters
  • Graphical display of test results and history on-screen
Vacuum testing option
  • Centralized height adjustment option
  • Servo-driven flying head and multi-head units are available for higher outputs



  • Recipe Storage
  • Unit is on heavy duty casters
  • Up to 18,000 bottles per hour
  • Self testing during production
  • Quick mechanical adjustments
  • Vacuum assist for unstable bottles
  • Self-teaching feature of the testing parameters
  • Conveyor has smooth sides for easy side transfer
  • Conveyor level is adjustable mechanically or via centralized height adjustment
  • Wall thickness distribution monitoring (unit must be inline with the blow molding machine)


  • Quick setup
  • Top Load testing
  • Fallen bottle detection
  • Self testing with alarms
  • Container height inspection
  • Chocked neck sensing probe
  • Digital display of test pressure
  • Batch Counting –Count and divert bottles
  • Check for holes and uneven necks surface
  • Compressed Air Requirement 80PSI, 5 bar
  • Wall thickness comparison (in-line with blow molder)
  • Standard Utility Requirements: 110V/220V 60hz 8/4A
  • Rejection verification option – Confirm bottle is rejected from the system